Paesi Preferiti di Italia

If I could go back to Italy tomorrow, where would I go? This is such an impossible question to answer since there is so much beauty to see that a lifetime would probably not be enough! However, I think I would likely land in Venezia. 

In Venezia, you can quickly get lost throughout the calle and canali (fig. 1) away from the tourist routes. Be sure to spend a day wandering around Burano (fig. 2). 

The Tuscan region would be a great second stop (figs. 3,4), particularly during harvest season, to visit some of those enchanted winemaking villages (fig. 5). 

Traveling south from there, Civita di Bagnoregio (fig. 6) would be a great place to visit. The village appears almost detached from the surrounding lands, only reachable through a narrow bridge which has been rebuilt several times over the years. 

The Umbrian countryside is particularly splendid in early autumn, with its vivid colors covering mountains and valleys (figs. 7,8). A day in Spoleto (figs. 9,10) would be great, particularly during their Festival, when music and artistic performances are everywhere in town. So many more paesi and borghi dot the landscape throughout as you drive along the Autostrada del sole, which makes it so hard to decide where to stop next. 

Some of my favorite paesi in Lazio are Bolsena (fig. 11), perched above Lake Bolsena with its splendid medieval castle, Leonessa (fig. 12), renowned for its tartufi production and Calcata (fig. 13), a very small village once abandoned yet now filled with artists and artisans botteghe, galleries and trattorie...truly a magical place worth a visit!