On the Cover: Castel Monguelfo

Known as Castel Monguelfo to the Italians and Schloss Welsperg or Welsperg Castle to the Germans, Castel Monguelfo is the oldest fortress in Upper Val Pusteria (the “green valley” in South Tyrol, the northernmost part of Italy). The ancient castle gives visitors three different perspectives. The first is as the setting for the story of a major Tyrolean noble family: the castle served as their family seat from when it was first built up until 1907. Over the course of almost 800 years, the family farmed the lands and had a marked influence on Tyrol. Secondly, visitors can discover it is built on the rare Welsberger Konglomerat (a special rock formation), which is “only” 100,000-years-old. Finally, visitors can take a castle-themed walk through the walls of the medieval fortification, tracing its gradual expansion of its ground plan into an


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