A collection of Donatello's bronze in Florence

A collection of bronzes sculpted by Renaissance master Donatello has been moved for the first time from the Italian churches where he installed them 600 years ago so that they can be displayed at a ground-breaking exhibition in Florence. Three of the four pieces, a relief, a statue and two bronze doors, from Siena Cathedral and San Lorenzo baptistery in Florence, are also being restored to their former glory using techniques ranging from chiseling with porcupine needles to thermography to discover structural weaknesses. The delicate operation is taking place ahead of the first ever exhibition of all major works by Donatello (1386-1466), the Florentine-born sculptor who was reputedly the first genius of the Renaissance period. From March 19 until July 31, the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello in Florence, home to Donatello’s most famous marble, “David,” will jointly showcase around 130 sculptures, paintings, and drawings with loans from over 50 of the world’s leading museums and institutions. They include the artist’s world-famous bronze relief of the “Feast of Herod” and two 50cm high statues, “Virtue Hope” and “Virtue Faith,” from the baptismal font in Siena Cathedral, along with the bronze doors of the Sagrestia Vecchia di San Lorenzo in Florence’s Basilica of San Lorenzo. Francesco Caglioti, curator of the exhibition, “Donatello, the Renaissance,” said the task of disassembling and moving the pieces had been a challenge but gratifying as “exhibitions named after [Donatello] so far have mostly been done by exhibiting copies or limiting the choice of originals to a few pieces.”

Per la prima volta nella storia, una collezione delle opere dello scultore fiorentino, Donatello, saranno in un'esposizione a Firenze. Donatello fu uno degli uomini più intelligenti e più importanti durante il Rinascimento.  Per l'esposizione i suoi capolavori devono essere trasportati a Firenze. Questi bronzi ancora sono nelle chiese dove Donatello li mise in origine. Tre capolavori di Donatello, una statua e due porte, saranno anche restaurati in modo preciso e particolare prima dell'esposizione. I visitatori potranno vedere le sue opera nella Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi e il Bargello a Firenze. Ci saranno i capolavori di questo periodo anche di altri scultori nell'esposizione. In totale, ci saranno più di 130 opere, raccolte da più di 50 musei. L'esposizione inizierà il 19 marzo e finirà il 31 luglio.