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Anna Tatangelo Anna Tatangelo

The maturation process for a fledgling artist in the world of music is always fraught with uncertainty. The ebb and flow of seemingly unrelated events contribute to this unpredictability. Personal character traits such as intelligence, ambition and integrity, in combination with external social influences such as education, upbringing and social status all factor into one's development. Most people are well aware that sometimes one also needs a little luck. Anna Tatangelo is a female Italian singer who was able to utilize her vast array of talents over time to achieve a very successful recording career.

She was born on January 9, 1987 in the commune (village) of Sora, located in the province of Frosinone, on the eastern periphery of the Roman region of Lazio. Her family operated a successful food production business which allowed them to provide her with the opportunity to achieve her dreams of pursuing a musical career. By age seven she was already participating in local and regional music competitions, culminating with a first place finish at the 2000 Minifestival della Canzone di Viterbo. It was becoming evident that her immense vocal talents, along with her undeniable beauty, would open many doors. This was never more apparent than at 15 years of age when she participated in the 2002 Sanremo Music Festival and captured first place in the Categoria Giovani (Newcomer's Category) with the song "Doppiamente fragile," as the youngest person to win the Newcomer's Award. In 2004, she was selected by Disney Italia to record the duet "Il mondo mio" (A Whole New World) for the soundtrack to the animated feature film "Aladdin."

Throughout her career, Anna participated in the Sanremo Music Festival six times, resulting in numerous awards. She has performed with and penned songs with the likes of Gigi D'Alessio, Federico Stragà and Gaetano Curreri of legendary Italian rock group "Stadio." She boasts numerous hit singles such as "Un nuovo bacio," "Ragazza di periferia," "Colpo di fulmine," and "Il mio amico." Her fourth album, "Nel mondo delle donne" (2008), was a concept album that emphasized universal female themes and issues, including abuse, pregnancy and depression. As with her two previous recordings, this album achieved multi-platinum status, selling over 60,000 copies. In June of 2009, Anna participated in the "Amiche per l'Abruzzo" benefit concert at Milan's San Siro Stadium to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake that devastated the region earlier in April. Anna sought a brief respite from the music scene on March 31, 2010, welcoming her son, Andrea, with her companion Gigi D'Alessio. In March of 2012 she published her autobiography "Ragazza di periferia." More recently, in an effort to re-create her image, which Anna felt had become dated, she chose to drop her maiden name and established a working relationship with Francesco Silvestre, aka "Kekko," front-man of the Italian rock group Modà, who has authored her two most recent singles "Senza dire che" and "Muchacha." Both songs were recorded in anticipation of her new album which is scheduled for release in early 2015. For more information you can visit her website at

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