August 2017

The year was 2000 when the relationship between Paul Angelo Sciria and PAS Publishing began. Paul was charged with continuing his dedication as editor of the paper as well as maintaining his long-time advertising relationships. Paul was dedicated  to increasing the reach and quality of the paper’s content.

 The commitment by PAS publishing to these objectives was made with the hiring of a young Italian-American woman to assist with marketing and content development, Jean Spinosi. Paul used to call her his little Audrey Hepburn. In the early years, the paper was 40 pages and covered local Cleveland news in a black and white format. In 2014, our current Publisher, Angie Spitalieri, came on board to help take the paper to the next level.

She and Paul worked very close to develop our current club pages and the local section of the paper. We have also taken the paper digital and are continuing to develop more original content. The print publication contains 48 pages 12 of which are color. Angie and Paul developed a close friendship as they worked together to keep the voice of the Italian-American community strong.

Although Paul has passed, his memory and his work will carry on. As a special tribute to Mr. Sciria, we will be running a few of his “Editor Speaks” in upcoming issues so you can carry just a little bit of him every month as you continue to share the passion he lived for his Italian heritage and La Gazzetta.