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<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>Heritage: The Connection Between People

Heritage: The Connection Between People

October 2017 |

One’s own heritage is something unique to one person and yet, at the same time, it connects numerous people together by showing what customs, values and beliefs they may share together. To discover one’s heritage is to discover a culture…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>The National Italian American Foundation’s 42nd Annual Gala Honoring the NIAF 2017 Region of Honor Sicily
<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>Portrait of a Youth as Saint Sebastian

What’s in a Name?

October 2017 |

As Italians, our cultural pride runs deep. One major source of that pride is our family name or cognome. Your surname tells a story that could enliven your family history. Where did it come from? Is it original or has…

Second-Generation Italian

October 2017 |

I was born in Cleveland and so were my parents, but all four of my grandparents were born in Italy. So, I am second-generation Italian and proud of my Italian heritage. My maternal grandparents are from Sicily or Sicilia. They…


October 2017 |

If you’re looking to visit a museum or cultural center to connect to your ancestors and learn more about your Italian American heritage, check out some of these museums across the country! History of Italian Immigration Museum, Philadelphia Italian American…