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<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco"></div></div>Franca Sozzani: Brilliantly Disturbing

Franca Sozzani: Brilliantly Disturbing

February 2017 | La Gazzetta Italiana

Si è recentemente spenta a soli 66 anni Franca Sozzani, la “signora italiana della moda”. Il mondo delle passerelle piange la scomparsa della storica direttrice di Vogue Italia, deceduta  per una grave malattia contro cui ha combattuto senza clamore nell’ultimo…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco"></div></div>Italy and its Volcanoes

Italy and its Volcanoes

February 2017 | Francesco di Rienzo

Italy, with its peculiar boot-shaped form, is a very unstable and sensitive are. This is due to the fact that it is a peninsula resting in the sea, but also that its territory in many areas is characterized by the…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco"></div></div>Antonio Tabucchi's Viaggi e altri viaggi

Antonio Tabucchi's Viaggi e altri viaggi

February 2017 | Rosa di Grottole

Antonio Tabucchi is one of the greatest Italian writers of the 20th Century. The winner of many prestigious awards, he is very well-known for his masterpiece Sostiene Pereira, a top-selling Italian novel of 1994. The discovery, in a bookstall in…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco"></div></div>The Perugian Renaissance

The Perugian Renaissance

February 2017 | Stephen N. Fliegel

Pietro Vannucci, meglio noto come il “Perugino”, fu un pittore italiano del XV secolo, che i contemporanei considerarono come il più importante tra i protagonisti del rinnovamento dell’arte italiana nel culmine del Rinascimento. Titolare di due attivissime botteghe a Firenze…

A Lesson I Couldn't Refuse

February 2017 | Vince Guerrieri

All I needed to know about life, I learned from “The Godfather.” At its heart, it’s a morality tale, asking the age-old question of how evil people become evil. Along the way, it preaches the importance of family (Puzo himself…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco"></div></div>"Sigaro - Per Favore!" (Cigar - Yes!)

"Sigaro - Per Favore!" (Cigar - Yes!)

February 2017 | La Gazzetta Italiana

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Mayfield Smoke Shop at 12307 Mayfield Rd. in Cleveland’s historic Little Italy. Owner and Founder Nicole Laurienzo was born within walking distance on Murray Hill. Her full-time love affair with Little Italy…

Saving history: Literature in the Italian American Collection

February 2017 | Pamela Dorazio Dean

Of interest to the majority of patrons who access the WRHS Italian American Collection are original photographs and documents. Both relate, a lot, to the Italian American community and, because they are original, make a good connection to the past.…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco"></div></div>The Old Man

The Old Man

February 2017 | Vince Guerrieri

Vince Guerrieri is a journalist and author in Cleveland. He's “left Youngstown, but has never really escaped it.” He’s written at length about Youngstown for Belt, POLITICO, and Ohio Magazine. Vince Guerrieri è un giornalista ed autore di Youngstown, che…