Upcoming issues

January 2017 - Everything Italian
Everything Italian

February 2017 - Literature
Book reviews, Local/international authors, history of Italian literature, contributions to core educational materials in the U.S.

March 2017 - Italian Immigration
Myths, Genealogy Roadshow on PBS, stories on readers' ancestors, history

April 2017 - Next generation of Italians
Educational environment to keep Italian in your life, what are specific people contributing to society now/future

May 2017 - Travel/Food/Wine
Restaurants, trends, wineries, chefs, location, travel

June 2017 - Power/Strength of Italy
Reisiliance after natural disasters, history of Italian unification, Wars and the effects on Italian Americans

July 2017 - Weddings/Fashion
Weddings/fashion stories

August 2017 - Italian Entertainers
Movies, Authors, Muscians

September 2017 - The Arts
Art history, art exhibits, music

October 2017 - Italian Heritage
Columbus Day

November 2017 - Preserving our Heritage
Organizations saving and preserving history

December 2017 - Christmas/Past year's top Italian news headlines
Revisit international Italian news stories - how was the world effected